Capital Expenditure

Mission Statement

The Town of Brooklyn has created a Capital Funding Program and its purpose was to create a framework and criteria for evaluating and ranking capital funding requests from various town boards, commissions, and related entities. Given that town resources are limited and demands for funding are so great, this annual process will be a useful tool for prioritizing expenditures of these limited resources. Further, the process should aid the Town’s planning process so that future needs may be addressed well before a necessity is imminent.

Requests are typically received by March 1st and reviewed during the months of March and April by the Capital Funding Committee. Upon completion of this review, recommendations will be made to the full Board of Selectmen and Board of Finance in May for inclusion in the town hearing process for the proposed town budget.

To submit a funding request, you are urged to submit the following:

  • The funding application 
  • The 5-year Estimate of Capital Needs 

Despite our best efforts, all proposals that demonstrate merit will not be funded. However, we strongly encourage your participation since a variety of requests may highlight broader needs within the town.

If you have questions about the capital funding process or you would like to obtain program guidelines, please contact First Selectman Rick Ives.