Conservation Commission

The Conservation Commission is a seven member volunteer board appointed by the Board of Selectman whose purpose is to protect and conserve the plants, animals and natural resources in the Town.  The Commission maintains an inventory of all undeveloped lands, publicly or privately owned, including wetlands and watercourses, for the purpose of identifying unique ecosystems, important or high value wildlife habitats and/or corridors, scenic areas worthy of special consideration. The Commission assists the Planning and Zoning Commission and the Chief Executive Officer in developing and updating the Town plan of development and other plans which impact the use of such areas.   The Conservation Commission prepares and distributes trail maps and conducts public outreach and education events to promote the protection and use of the Town’s natural resources. 

Board Members

Name Title
Diane Wimmer Chairman
Jeannine Noel Member
Dana Heilemann Member
Carolyn Teed-Ives