How do I make payments?

You can always bring your payment into the Tax Office, but if that is not the most convenient method, here are your other options to pay your taxes:

Mailing Your Payment

Mail your payment, along with your tax bill, to the Revenue Collector’s Office at PO Box 253, Brooklyn, CT 06234. If your canceled check is not a sufficient receipt, please send a self-addressed, stamped envelope along with the entire bill and the office will mail back your bill and the receipt.

Drop Box

You can also leave your payment in the drop box that is located outside the door of the Town Hall.

Paying online

You can also pay your taxes with a credit card, debit card, or by e-check online at home or by credit/debit card in the Tax Office through Point and Pay.  Click here for information about paying your tax bills online.

Partial Payments

You can make any size partial payments to the office, but please note that it will not stop any collection measures that the Tax Office uses (including, but not limited too: interest, collection agency fees, marshal fees, etc.).