Recreation Meeting minutes

Meeting date: 
Monday, July 10, 2017

Brooklyn Parks and Recreation

Regular Meeting


July 10, 2017


Commission members present: Mike Gaudreau, Harry Adams, Steve Danna,  Chris Toney, and Scott Allen

Absent:  Mae Lyons, David Wilterdink Cliff Soucy, Kim Conroy

Also present: Bucky Lohbusch

Public: none


  1. Approval of regular meeting minutes from June 12,2017

Motion made:  

 1st Harry Adams   2nd Chris Toney     All in Favor



  1. Approval of monthly budget reports

Motion Made:

1st Scott Allen   2nd Chris Toney                 All in Favor


  1. Fall/ Winter Brochure

The brochure went to print and will be ready in 2-3 weeks


  1. Jim Boyle Disc Golf Tournament 

$3800.00 was made after bills were paid.  Good profit for the first year. Consider doing the tournament in the Fall, will consult with the subcommittee members to see if this the best time of year.


  1. Fall Concerts at Riverside

There will be a concert on September 10th and 17th ;the park will be open 4:00pm and the concert will begin at 5:00pm. They will be advertised in the brochure.


  1. Summer Camp Update

There are 147 campers total.  Summer camp is in week 3, it has been challenging.  The teen center program is doing very well.



  1. Program Update

There are 21 kids at summer slam, it is being held at the middle school

The July Red Sox game is sold out.

There are nine tickets left for the Yankees/Red Sox game.

There are two fitness programs being held at Prince Hill Park.


  1. Other Business

Mrs. Donald Francis passed away. To honor her memory a motion was made to:

To send something not to exceed $75.00 using the beautification fund.

1st Scott Allen   2nd Harry Adams  All in favor


Interviews for the part-time maintenance position will begin tomorrow


  1. Public time:  None



  1. Adjournment


Motion made:  1st  Chris Toney  2nd Steve Danna   All in Favor




Respectfully submitted:  Chris Boyle