Town Park Facilities


To use any of the town's parks or facilities for an organized activity or group/league activity, you will need to fill out a faciltiy use form and/or contact the Parks & Recreation dept. 

Michael Dragon Complex at Prince Hill Park - Located on Prince Hill Rd, this park offers two lighted basketball courts, softball field, soccer fields, walking track, hiking trails, playscape and picnic tables. Concession stand and bathrooms open during special events and soccer activities.

South Street Park – This park has a basketball court and playscape with picnic tables for everyone's enjoyment. This park is located at the corner of South St and South Main St.

Maury Bowen Complex at Riverside Park – Located off Greenway Drive/Day Street, this newest addition to the town’s parks offers a canoe launch, passive walking areas and a volleyball court. New little league and t-ball fields are now available. Many additional features to these fields have been added for this year’s season. A pavilion has also been added to this park.

Donald Francis Recreation Park and Tennis Courts - Our lighted tennis courts are located at the corner of Prince Hill Rd and Rt 6. Hiking Trails begin at this location. Check out our new walking bridge at the start of the trails. This bridge was contructed as part of an Eagle Scout project, and is a wonderful improvement to these trails. 

Davis Forest & Disc Golf Course - This wooded area is located at the end of Salmon Drive off South Street. Enjoy a walk on the trails which wind through many acres of forested areas. Try a new activity with the newly constructed 18 hole Disc Golf course. We are still working on some areas of the course, such as signage.  A great opportunity to keep active as a family while still enjoying the quiet and scenic areas of Davis Forest.

Quinebaug River Water Trail - Click here to access the Last Green Valley's Quinebaug River Paddle Guide.  River access is available at Riverside Park's Canoe launch, for canoes and kayaks. Take advantage of this local treasure, listed as a National Recreation Trail. This guide describes not only our section of this trail, but numerous other sections from Massachusetts to points south. See the "Quiet Corner" from a whole new perspective.