Resident Trooper

TFC Steve Corradi
4 Wolf Den Road
Brooklyn, CT 06234
(860) 779-9008

The Town of Brooklyn participates in the Connecticut State Police Resident Trooper Program. The Resident Trooper is the town's liaison with the Department of Public Safety and brings with him all the resources of the Department to meet the needs of the town.

The Connecticut State Police Department was established in 1903; the Resident Trooper Program was established in 1947. At it's inception, each Resident Trooper was required to reside within the town and was expected to maintain an office and telephone for police calls at his home.

Today, all Resident Trooper Offices have been moved from private residences to town-owned buildings. Although the Resident Trooper program has evolved considerably since its beginning, today's program still has much in common with the original program; to bring personalized police services to the town. The resident Troopers devote full attention to the town's special policing and public safety needs.

The Resident Trooper program is a very efficient way to provide police services in small to moderate sized municipalities. In most cases, Resident Trooper towns do not have to be burdened with the cost of running a lockup or dispatching facility. The efficient use of personnel results in substantial savings to the town. The efficiency and flexibility of the Resident Trooper Program not only make the program very effective but alsothe most cost-effective police services in the state.