Aquifer Protection Agency


The Aquifer Protection Agency is charged with the adoption and administration of regulations for the protection of the groundwater used for public drinking water. Under the State of Connecticut Aquifer Protection Act of 2006, certain uses of the land are prohibited where they may be likely to negatively impact the quality of existing public groundwater sources. Uses of property that are now prohibited, but were in existence prior to the adoption of the Aquifer Protection Regulations, may continue to exist if they conform to certain best management practices and register with the Agency.

The Aquifer Protection Agency is composed of the members of the Planning and Zoning Commission. The Brooklyn Zoning Map contains the boundaries of the Aquifer Protection Area. The Aquifer Protection Agency holds special meetings as needed on the third Tuesday of the month. The Director of Community Development/Town Planner provides technical assistance to the Agency.

More information on the Aquifer Protection Area Program can be found at the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection.

Commission Members

Name Title
Michelle Sigfridson Chair
Carlene Kelleher Vice Chair
Aaron Kerouack Member
Jules D'Agostino Member
Austin Tanner Member
Earl Starks Alternate Member