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The Brooklyn School system provides a pre-kindergarten through grade eight program and is governed by a six member Board of Education. The Brooklyn School is a centralized district, located on Gorman Road, providing a comprehensive program to approximately 1000 students. In addition, Brooklyn sends approximately 345 students to designated high schools, Killingly High School in Danielson and Woodstock Academy in Woodstock, 35-40 students to the Ellis Technical School and 10-15 students to Killingly Agricultural Education each year. Since 2010, Brooklyn has sent 5-10 students to the Quinebaug Valley Middle College High School Program each year.

The goal of The Brooklyn School system is to prepare students to become productive members of our society. In order to realize this end, our educational organization must endeavor to treat each of our students as unique individual. There must be a varied curriculum which not only allows every student to master the basic skills necessary for his/her future success but also encourages the student to pursue particular areas of interest as well as to refine individual talents.

Special programs for Brooklyn students include:
• Pre-kindergarten and readiness classes for all students in Brooklyn
• computer labs in both buildings to provide instruction in information
• technology for all students
• a variety of related arts for students in grades
Pre-K through 8
• Art Pace for students talented in art
• modified programming and inclusion in the regular program for students with special needs




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