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The Board of Assessment Appeals meets in the months of March and September of each year to hear and act upon appeals of the Town of Brooklyn taxpayers.

March Hearings for Property and Supplemental Motor Vehicles
Petitions for the property in question can be picked up in the Assessor’s office or downloaded from this website. The form can be found on the Assessor’s page under ‘forms’. It must be completed, signed, and filed by February 20th, either by returning it to the Assessor’s office in person or if mailed, post marked not later than February 20th. There will be no exceptions. You will be notified of your appointment date and time by mail no later than
March 1st.

September Hearings for Motor Vehicles
A legal notice is filed with the Norwich Bulletin of the date and place of the September hearing. No appointment is necessary. It is on a first come, first serve, basis. Please bring with you all information pertaining to the motor vehicle(s) in question. If you cannot drive the vehicle to the Town Hall then bring pictures and or other documentation of your complaint. Also, the tax bill will be helpful.

The Board wishes to extend our thanks for everyone’s cooperation andunderstanding of the decisions that the Board makes.Current members are  Robert Simons, Loni Wright and Buddy Conroy.

To contact us, you may leave a message with the Assessor's office.