Renter's Rebate Program

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The Renter's Rebate Program starts on April 1st and runs through October 1st, 2018. To qualify you must be 65 years or older or 100% totally disabled through Social Security and your income must have been less than $43,000 for a married couple/ $35,300 for a single. Appointments can be made by calling the Assessor's Office at 860-779-3411.Ext 6

The following information is needed to complete the applications. All information is from January 2017 through December 2017!

  1. Rent receipts, utility (electric, oil and/or gas) receipts or statement from utility company for total amount paid for 2017.
  2. Statement from the social security administration to verify Social Security benefits for 2017 SSA-1099.
  3. Statements from banks, pension or other sources to verify all other income for 2017.
  4. If you filed a federal income tax return, a copy of your return is required.
  5. If you are filing disabled, proof of disability is required every year by the state of connecticut. A statement from social security stating totally disabled or a TPQY form, dated for current year stating that you were disabled the previous year. 

You must have all information to file your application. Filing period is from April 1st through October 1. Income limits for 2017 - single $35,300/married $43,000