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Transfer Station


(860) 779-1105

Hours: Friday, 12:00pm to 4:00pm Summer Hours 12pm-6pm (Memorial Day to Labor Day)
           Saturday, 8:00am to 4:00pm 

Directions: Route 169 South, Left onto Beecher Road, Right onto Rukstela Road

Municipal Solid Waste: This is household garbage and should be placed in Green Town of Brooklyn bags and disposed of in the compactor. Bag cost is $10.00 per roll of five 33 gallon bags; $7.00 per roll of five 17 gallon bags. Bags can be purchased individually for $2.00 each.


Bulky Waste: Any debris such as construction, demolition, or land clearing waste. This should be weighed at the scale house and disposed of in bulky waste containers. .10₵ per pound


Tires: Tires are accepted and have their own container.

            Car tires $2.00 off the rim, $5.00 on the rim

            Truck tires $5.00 off the rim, $10.00 on the rim


Propane Tanks: $5.00


Refrigerators and Freezers: Cost is $15.00 to dump and the doors must be removed.


Couches & Chairs: Cost is $20.00 to dump in bulky waste container. Convertible couches must me weighed at the scale house.


Mattresses: $10.00


Metals: Scrap metals, wires, fencing, etc. are free to dump. Dishwashers, washers and dryers also fall into this category.


Brush: Christmas trees and brush are accepted and put in the brush pile. No limbs over 4’’ in diameter will be accepted.


Leaves: Leaves are accepted into the compost pile but should not be left in bags.


TV’s, computers and other electronics can be left in the POD, free of charge.            

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